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Salt Lake City Testimonials Garage Doors

Testimonials Garage Doors

Testimonials Garage Doors Salt Lake City

I about died when my garage door died.  

It made some crazy sounds and started jerking around, right before finally dying with some crazy loud bang.  I was scared to go out there, but when I finally did,

 I noticed something that I knew all along.

  I don't know what all that garage door nonsense is

.  What was I looking at?  

I don't know!  So, I called up my girlfriend who just had her garage door fixed, and she gave me the number to Salt Lake City Garage Doors--  They fixed it in no time

- Jill

Testimonials Garage Doors

 I never gave my garage door much thought, as I mostly just pressed a button on a remote, and it would open and close.  Then one day, it didn't close.

  I had no idea what to do, so I looked up garage door repair companies online and found

    Salt Lake City Garage Doors.  

They were out the same day, and had my garage door working that night. 

 Thank you, Garage Doors!

-Ray R.

Testimonials Garage Doors in Salt Lake City

I've been in Salt Lake City for my whole life, and I only recently bought a home. It's a beauty, and I wouldn't trade it for anything, but my garage door looked all ratty. I called some garage door companies, and they were trying to tell me some crazy story about thousand dollar deposits and other stuff for a new garage door. Then my sister recommended 

Salt Lake City Garage Doors, and they were out the same day. They inspected my door, gave me a ton of options, and in a matter of a few days, had a brand new garage door installed and looking great. Now, I don't have to worry about my home looking all ratty. My home looks great now, and I owe it all to Salt Lake City Garage Doors.

 - Kristen B. 

Testimonials Garage Doors in Salt Lake City

 It acts as the gatekeeper for me. 

So imagine the embarrassment when I came home from my morning walk and the garage door wouldn't open.

I didn't have a key to my front door, and my garage door wouldn't open with the keypad.

So, obviously I had to call a locksmith, and after that I was able to take a look at my garage door opener, but I couldn't figure out what the problem was.

So I called Salt Lake City Garage Doors, someone who could figure out what is wrong, and they were also able to fix it.

Now, I can get in to my home after my morning walks!

  -Dan B.

garage doors in Salt Lake City Utah

  My Garage Door has been a real headache for me--  When we first bought this home, I thought everything was perfect.

 If you had told me that there was something wrong with it, I would have said you were lying. And just after we closed the sale, the garage door broke down.

 It wasn't too bad, it just wouldn't open or close so easy. My husband tried fixing it, bu then it wouldn't do anything.

 So I called Salt Lake City Garage Doors, and they were able to replace my garage door opener in no time. Now, it's not a headache anymore!

  -Trish H.

salt lake city garage door technician

My husband and I just bought out condo, and the first thing we needed to do was fix our garage door. I was a bit peeved that something in our beautiful condo needed work right off the bat, but, whatever, right? So I was cruising around online reading reviews for garage door companies, when I stumbled upon one garage door company that had stellar reviews. That was Salt Lake City Garage Doors. They sent a technician out quickly, and he was able to show me that my garage door wasn't actually broken, it just needs a little love. And by love, I mean some maintenance. So he took care of it all for me, and now my garage door works great!

 - Qeetra C. 

Testimonials Garage Doors Salt  Lake City

My garage door was all banged up and I wanted someone to fix up. I called Salt Lake City Garage Doors and Gates and was surprised that they could send someone out so fast. They were there in not time and the repairs took so little time. I would definitely use them again, especially if it was an emergency.

- Jake.

Salt Lake City Garage Door Insallation

I needed to get a new garage door installed on my house and didn't have time to try and research companies. I found these guys online and gave them a call. The guy was on time and did a pretty great job of putting in a new door. I would use them again.

- Lacy


You can go with a sub par garage door repair company that won't stand by their work. Or, you can go with Salt Lake City Garage Door Repair, who backs everything with a satisfaction guarantee. Your choice 

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