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Garage Doors Testimonials

 "I don't want to be bothered with stuff around the house.
Well, that's a lie.
I don't want to be bothered with my garage door problems, because that's something that I just don't care about.
You see, I would rather paint the gazebo in my backyard, or relax in my hot tub, instead of worrying about my garage door-- And my husband certainly doesn't want to be bothered with the garage door.
Lucky for us, the people at SLC Garage Doors love be to bothered with my broken garage door.
Anytime I have any trouble with my garage door, I call them over and they fix my garage door the same day." 


- Jessica B.

"At my last condo, our garage door constantly broke down. It was almost becoming a ritual.
I would come home from work, the garage wouldn't open, and my husband would call the garage door people.
They were nice and constantly fixed my garage door, but after the last time my garage door broke, I decided that something needed to change.
Maybe the garage door company was the problem?
So I called Salt Lake City Garage Doors, and they came out and quoted a better price than those other guys.
I had them fix my garage door opener , and since then, it's like magic-- I haven't had any problems with my garage door.
Thank you SLC Garage Doors!"

- Megan M.

I've been in Salt Lake City, Utah for my whole life, and I only recently bought a home. It's a beauty, and I wouldn't trade it for anything, but my garage door looked all ratty. I called some garage door companies, and they were trying to tell me some crazy story about thousand dollar deposits and other stuff for a new garage door. Then my sister recommended Salt Lake City Garage Doors, and they were out the same day. Now, I don't have to worry about my home looking all ratty.
My home looks great now, and I owe it all to Salt Lake City Garage Doors.

- Kristen B.

My husband and I just bought out condo, and the first thing we needed to do was fix our garage door. I was a bit peeved that something in our beautiful condo needed work right off the bat, but, whatever, right? So I was cruising around online reading reviews for garage door companies, when I stumbled upon one garage door company that had stellar reviews.
That was Salt Lake City Garage Doors.
They sent a technician out quickly, and he was able to show me that my garage door wasn't actually broken, it just needs a little love.
And by love, I mean some maintenance.
So he took care of it all for me, and now my garage door works great!

- Qeetra C.

"My complex of apartments has a gate that is shaky on it's best day. I never gave it the time of day, though, because it's something that you just expect to work. Then I get a call from one of my tenants, and the gate won't open. There are far too many residents there for us to have some massive gate issue. So I called Salt Lake City Garage Doors, and they were able to come out and fix the gate in a matter of hours. Crisis averted, all thanks to Salt Lake City Garage Doors."

- Jesse F.


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