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Garage Door Springs

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garage door springs

                  Garage Door Springs 

It’s So Easy When You Call Garage Door Springs

salt lake city garage door broken springs

Garage door spring replacement is a snap when you call Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs. Our seasoned technicians carry every make and model of spring with them right in the truck, so they can take care of any spring malfunction immediately.

Yes, it’s advisable to replace BOTH springs after one breaks, but Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs will never try to “scare” you into buying services or parts you don’t want. It really depends on your lifestyle, if your garage door was serviced recently, and you don’t use it very often, replacing one spring is an option.

Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs also carries premium springs with longer lives and extended warranties, for even greater peace of mind. And in the case of garage door springs that are unavailable because they’re no longer manufactured, Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs can install a converter which allows an older system to accept standard garage door springs.

Why Is Spring Replacement Best Left To The Pros?

Additional Information

Of all the things on your to-do list, garage door repair is the most dangerous. Remember how the tension and torsion springs store all the energy necessary to lift your 200-pound garage door? Well, that tension is approximately 6,000 pounds per square inch, enough to cut the biggest man down to size. Seriously a flying garage door spring can take out an entire village! With so many ways available to injure yourself – sports, transportation, and slip ‘n fall – why fool with garage door repair?

Instead, allow Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs to spring into action at the first hint of trouble.

Did you know that, if your garage door spring breaks and you try to raise your door manually, you will damage the cables as well?

You never know when a garage door spring will break, but now you know who to call, the garage door spring specialists who have been doing it the longest. We’re no Spring Chickens, but we’re definitely spring experts. Call Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs anytime for a same-day appointment, usually within the hour.

salt lake city garage door spring

                  Garage Door Springs

Number 1 in Customer Service For Decades

Salt Lake City Garage Doors Number 1 in Customer Service For Decades

When Salt Lake City Garage Doors' phone rings, it’s not the technicians who first deal with you, it’s our customer service representatives.

Each one of our phone operators is extensively trained and highly knowledgeable in all aspect of garage door repair. Any of the Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs customer service reps can give you practical advice over the phone, or an accurate quote.

When you call for a question they deliver courteous, simple responses.

Our loyal team here at Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs is always eager to help provide solutions to all your garage door dilemmas.

Call Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs and have one of our technicians come out to your home and give you a surprisingly pleasant experience while getting your garage door springs replaced!

Salt Lake City Garage Doors Number 1 in Customer Service For Decades

          Garage Door Repairman

Replacing A Spring is Our Thing!!!

Garage Door Spring in Salt Lake City

Have a broken garage door spring in Salt Lake City counties? Well don’t put calling a repairman off, especially when we’re right down the street to assist you. Why use another company when Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs offers affordable prices and high quality work, each and every time.

We have hundreds and hundreds of local references from proud homeowners in the area with beautiful full functioning garage doors. Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs is an honest company that understands how important it is to have a trustworthy and reliable repair company at your disposal 24 hours a day.

That’s why we are open 7 days week, with no extra charges for after-hours, holiday or emergency service – EVER! We know that a spring can break at any time of the day or night. So give us a call, you will be glad you did! Whether you have broken torsion springs or extensions springs, Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs should be your Number One choice for all your garage door repair needs. We are fast!

garage door spring in salt lake city utah

       Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs 


We are a garage door repair company cut from a separate cloth-- We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your garage door services, unlike most other companies. Ask us today about our satisfaction guarantee! 


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