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If we had to pick one part of the garage door that is vital to the proper functioning of the door it would be the garage door springs. The torsion springs are wound very tightly with an extreme amount of tension that allows the door to open and close with ease. The springs work on a counterbalance system allowing the weight of the door to be evenly distributed causing less wear and tear on the door.

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The most common call we get here at Salt Lake City Garage Doors is for spring repair. But that phrase in and of itself is a misnomer. 

Garage door springs should never be repaired, only replaced. 

When the springs start to lose their tension it can become an extremely dangerous situation. 

In some rare and awful cases it can cause the door to fall out of nowhere, which can obviously cause a lot of damage and potential harm. 

This is also the reason we never ever recommend replacing your garage door springs on your own. 

It is a precise and dangerous task that only a professional should be trusted with.

If you notice anything off with your Garage Door springs, maybe even just the door opening or closing unevenly it is in your best interest to call a garage door technician to come out and look at it. It will save you a lot of potential time and money.

Trust us when we say you will be glad later that you took care of your garage door spring issues right when they occurred instead of waiting for them to break and cause a lot of other problems. If you need help with your garage door springs give us a call day or night!

In addition, Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs can take care of major garage door part repairs and maintenance:

  • Garage Door Springs
  • Garage Door Track Alignment
  • Open Indication Monitors
  • Photoelectric Eyes

Garage Door Springs

Those springs on either side of your garage door system are some of the most important parts on your garage door.

Those parts bear the load of your garage door, which could weigh up to a quarter of a ton. If your garage door springs are sagging, lose, or broken, your garage door will not open properly, nor will it close properly. 

The springs are so integral to the operation of the garage door that broken garage door springs will prevent your garage door from even being opened manually. 

Broken or sagging garage door springs are no problem for Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs! We can repair or replace your garage door springs in no time!

Garage Door Track Alignment

Your Garage Door Track is also a very important part of your garage door system.

Without a nice, smooth, properly aligned track for your garage door to travel over, your garage door will become a hazard, and eventually, a money pit for you. 

If your garage door is no longer aligned to the track, it will not open smoothly; this can lead to potential binding along the track when your garage door opens and closes. 

This binding, depending on how severe, can lead to a lot of different garage door issues, such as broken springs, broken track, broken bushings, and even a broken garage door. 

Call Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs today to ensure your garage door track is properly aligned so your garage door works for years to come.

Photoelectric Eyes

The photoelectric eyes on your garage door are one of the most important parts on your garage door. These eyes are what watch you, your family, and your possessions to keep them safe. Think about it-- You have a 500 pound overhead door that is closing. 

You have a set of photoelectric eyes whose soul job is to ensure that nothing gets caught in the path of the garage door.

What happens if your kids are playing outside and the photoelectric eyes aren't working? We won't explore that scenario-- Instead, 

call Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs today. We can test your garage door to make sure that it is safely operating for you and your family.

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